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Better service and support for employers


Builders Academy partners with builders to coach and inspire apprentices on their journey to becoming qualified tradespeople. We focus solely on carpentry apprenticeships, allowing us to deliver a personalised service to construction employers.

Our unwavering dedication to service stems from feedback that shows many builders and apprentices in the construction industry place the highest value on face-to-face visits in an apprenticeship program.

At Builders Academy, we offer a carpentry-specific service, driven by our team's passion for construction, our smaller size and the fact our model is designed around the needs of today’s employers and apprentices.







"We'll help you improve the way you coach apprentices"


- Glenn Duncan, GM Builders Academy













Led by apprenticeship experts


Builders Academy is headed up by Glenn Duncan, General Manager Industry Training. Previously at BCITO as GM Customer Experience, Duncan has a deep understanding of the needs of building and construction employers.

He brings 12+ years of experience in leading construction industry apprenticeship delivery to Builders Academy.

Our Workplace Apprenticeship Educators are no strangers to working on building sites. Many of us have been tradies or Training Advisors, and understand how the industry works.





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Designed with builders in mind


Developing apprentices requires time and effort from employers.

We recognise this and support builders in a way that suits your schedule, including more frequent site visits and a focus on optimising the way you train your apprentices.

By doing so, we aim to save you time, enhance your training skills, and ultimately improve communication, productivity and the overall quality of tradespeople in the construction industry.




Giving carpenters business skills too


As well as delivering high-quality carpentry qualifications, Builders Academy strives to give apprentices skills to help them become employers like you.

We’ll equip them with essential business skills to transition from apprentices to becoming valued team members, self-employed contractors, entrepreneurs and eventually business owners managing others once they’re qualified.

To further support our passion for the construction industry we have more courses in the pipeline for 2024 at levels 4, 5 and 6. If you are interested in when these courses will be offered, please get in touch.


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