New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4)

This carpentry course will provide a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue a building career in the continually growing construction industry. Our team help builders grow better carpentry apprentices, with the best service in market. Together we ensure communities have well rounded, resilient builders.

“You just get your apprenticeship done faster.”

-Christopher Uy

Apprentice, DC Build Auckland 

A better way to train your apprentice

This level 4 carpentry course is hands-on training so you gain practical experience, allowing you to apply your learning in real-world scenarios.  

It is perfect if you want to earn while you learn, or you want to gain a professional carpentry qualification for skills that you may already have gained while working in the industry.  

Our people understand the needs of your employers and how to best support you – without getting in the way of your day-to-day work. 

Our service promise is to visit your site every 6-8 weeks. We help you get better, faster. That simple. 


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What you will learn – Carpentry Apprenticeship

Qualified carpenters and apprentices in New Zealand can work on a variety of different building sites. From building residential houses, high rises, historic buildings to commercial buildings; ranging from small renovations, interior fit outs, to new builds.  

Throughout your carpentry apprenticeship you will learn all aspects of the construction process, including site preparation, foundation work, flooring, framing, exterior and interior work and roof claddings.  

You will also learn about professional standards and compliance, how to read drawings and specifications, different types of materials, tools and equipment, health and safety, building science, maths and legislation.  

As well as delivering high-quality carpentry qualifications, Builders Academy strives to give apprentices life skills to help you become employers one day. 

We’ll equip you with essential business skills to transition from apprentices to becoming valued team members, self-employed contractors, and eventually managers and business owners. 


Course costs: $850 per annum. Launch special - first year free if you sign up before August 31 2024.

You must be 16 years of age or older to start your apprenticeship.


Frequently Asked Questions

When starting from scratch, the average apprentice takes from 3 – 5 years to complete their building apprenticeship and become a qualified builder.

Your previous construction experience is taken into consideration when you sign up with Builders Academy. We will assess how much of the qualification you already know, and start from there.

The average wage of a qualified builder in New Zealand ranges from $70,000 to $90,000.

To become a builder, you need a New Zealand Certificate of Carpentry Level 4. It covers all aspects of the construction process. You will also learn about professional standards and compliance, as well as critical business skills that will help you to become an employer someday.

To start your apprenticeship you will need a job with a building company. Then reach out to Builders Academy to start your apprenticeship!

Builders Academy's service promise is to visit you every 6-8 weeks.

Yes! Your trainer will host fortnightly night classes to help with your bookwork where you will learn the theory of the qualification. If there is additional help you need, your Workplace Apprenticeship Educators will be able to facilitate this.

Yes! Our field team can help with any Language literacy and numeracy (LLN) needs. Here at Builders Academy we are constantly upskilling the team in how we can better support learners with learning difficulties.

Yes, the book work is available on our Apprentice Portal on our website. The majority of the assessment, all the practical stuff, is assessed in person on a building site while you work.

Our team will travel to you, please get in touch so we can make sure that the closest Workplace Apprenticeship Educator is assigned to you.