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A partner to support you and your team on-site


Builders Academy is a new on-site apprenticeship partner that works with you to build dependable, resilient professionals in carpentry.

With the construction industry grappling with skills shortages and an ageing workforce, it’s crucial we train new tradespeople to ensure sustained productivity.

Builders Academy supports construction employers to guide & inspire apprentices as they journey to become qualified carpenters. 




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A new name. Truckloads of experience.


We're part of UP Education, a large Australasian education group that runs colleges teaching trades, technology, design and other industries across New Zealand and Australia.

Builders Academy is headed up by Glenn Duncan, ex GM of Customer Experience at BCITO. He is highly respected in both the construction and education sectors.

Our Workplace Apprenticeship Educators are no strangers to working on building sites. Many of us have been tradies or Training Advisors, and understand how the industry works.





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Carpentry qualifications and connections


Beyond achieving a carpentry qualification, we aim to ensure that apprentices feel a sense of belonging within the broader construction community. Not only for work opportunities, but also to promote positive well-being and provide a support network when needed.

By collaborating with experts in the wellness sector, Builders Academy equips our field team with the necessary tools and contacts to guide apprentices and their employers through the challenges that may arise on their journey to becoming tradespeople.