Craig Glentworth

Craig Glentworth

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, Napier


From Builder to Mentor

Based in Hastings, Craig Glentworth is the dedicated Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) for Napier. 

When asked how his journey in construction started, he says: "I was always interested in construction throughout my school years. I liked the idea of building something with my own hands and the satisfaction of completing a hard day’s work." 

Craig's career spans over two decades, including an impressive 11 years as a self-employed builder, during which he tackled a range of high-level projects. 

His achievements include building a prize-winning house in Taradale and successfully running his own company, showcasing his expertise and commitment to excellence. 

Joining Builders Academy was a pivotal moment for Craig, where he found “a supportive workplace culture dedicated to serving apprentices, employers, and the construction industry as a whole.” 

For him, being a WAE is more than a job; it's a passion rooted in his desire to develop skilled professionals within the industry. 

“The role of a WAE is multifaceted, encompassing communication, pastoral care, guidance, and building strong relationships with a variety of employers.” 

“My approach involves thinking outside of the box to meet individual apprentice needs.” 

This is exemplified by a particular instance where Craig facilitated a hands-on learning experience to address an apprentice’s skills gap. 

"One of my apprentices was nearing completion but required further assessment to master set-out work, a fundamental skill in trades. To address this shortfall, I designed a 'dummy' house plan and supervised the apprentice as he completed the task." 

“This initiative not only helped the apprentice achieve his goals but also garnered appreciation from both apprentice and employer.” 

“I look forward to helping more apprentices grow in this way – doing things differently is exciting, but also needed.”