Naylor Owen

Naylor Owen

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, Auckland


A unique cultural and industry perspective

Residing in Waiuku, a quant suburb on the outer rim of Auckland, Naylor Owen’s Samoan and Welsh heritage feeds into his holistic approach to mentorship as a Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) for the Central Auckland area. 

For Naylor, being a WAE isn't just about training carpenters; it's about sculpting futures. 

Naylor shares how he got into building and construction: "At the time, I was young and wanted a steady career – trades always seemed to offer that. I then chose to specialise in building, given the vital part it plays in the trades industry." 

With stints at prominent companies like KT Construction and Citywide Construction, Naylor has garnered invaluable work experience over the years.  

However, it was his transition into the role of a WAE at Builders Academy that marked the pinnacle of his career. 

“It’s so rewarding teaching here because you’re helping people from all walks of life jump from having no qualification or no high school diploma, to a valuable tertiary qualification. I see firsthand the enormous impact this has on our learners’ career prospects, enabling them to gain salary increases and secure a better life for their families.” 

"I had been involved in onsite carpentry assessment prior to joining Builders Academy but the processes here really appealed to me.” 

“The way Builders Academy assessment support is set up gives the apprentices more of a chance to progress towards being registered faster – made possible by our experienced team of WAEs.” 

"We really are working for and with apprentices and employers.” 

 "Our methodology of assessment allows us to provide a better service. We see our apprentices and employers often, and prioritising leaving space in our schedules to pop in and do theory work with at least five WAEs per day.” 

Naylor says the most rewarding part of being a WAE is witnessing the transformation in his apprentices. 

"Our first role is to inspire and encourage our apprentices.” 

"I love giving them a spiel about the importance of their trade and their importance in being a part of it." 

He recounts instances where apprentices, once labelled as "slackers" elsewhere, thrived at Builders Academy due to the comprehensive support system in place. 

"I’ve noticed, once apprentices see they can do written assessments, attend free night drop-in classes to receive extra support and see me more regularly, they naturally do better.”