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Nikki Gregson

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, Christchurch


It’s about quality relationships

In the vibrant city of Christchurch, amidst the echoes of reconstruction, Nikki Gregson is driven to train quality tradespeople in her role as a Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) at Builder Academy. 

Nikki's journey into construction was sparked during a university lecture.  

"I had an 'a-ha!' moment while debating international tax laws," she recalls.  

"I quickly realised I needed to find a different path." 

This path led her to the construction industry, where she discovered success on the tools and as a mentor.  

Nikki brings a rich educational background to her role as WAE, covering areas such as business management, carpentry, apiculture, and adult teaching.  

Additionally, her experience includes eight years in carpentry and three years in Work-Based Learning, which have granted her a deep understanding of the inner workings of the industry. 

"I genuinely enjoy every day on the job, as I get to use my industry knowledge to positively influence apprentices and help employers train and source talent.”  

"Also, getting to drive through Christchurch looking at buildings I helped construct is pretty cool." 

Joining Builders Academy as a WAE was a natural progression for Nikki.  

"It's a role that combines two of my passions: construction and people.” 

For Nikki, the role of a WAE is "all about quality relationships."  

"For me, the key is to forge strong connections with both learners and employers, tailoring our approach to suit each individual, thus enabling them to collaborate seamlessly." 

Nikki highlights that success varies for each apprentice, with distinct challenges they confront. 

"Whether it's supporting one in maintaining sobriety for consistent work attendance or helping another overcome learning difficulties to attain qualification after a decade-long journey, these victories underscore our daily impact as WAEs."