Paula Lightbourne

Paula Lightbourne

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, Te Awamutu, NZ


A compassionate approach to guiding apprentices

Meet Paula Lightbourne, a dedicated Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) based in Whangarei. 

With a career spanning from her time at BCITO from 2016 to 2023 to her current role at Builders Academy, Paula remains steadfast in her commitment to apprentice education and development. 

In her role, Paula's compassionate approach and unwavering dedication leave a lasting impact on the building and construction industry, shaping the future one apprentice at a time.  

Her recent achievement in assisting a deaf apprentice highlights her dedication to overcoming barriers and ensuring equitable opportunities for all. 

"Though every apprentice encounter comes with its unique set of challenges, this particular accomplishment stands out for me."  

Her passion for supporting and mentoring apprentices is evident in her everyday work. 

When asked about her decision to become a WAE with Builders Academy, Paula emphasises her desire to make a difference: "I'm passionate about supporting and mentoring apprentices as they navigate through their apprenticeship programs.” 

Paula recognises the crucial role WAEs play in supporting apprentices by acting as mentors, advocates, and facilitators throughout their journey. 

"I am driven by the prospect of actively engaging employers, encouraging them to participate in apprenticeship training programs.” 

“This involvement ensures a mutually beneficial environment for apprentices and businesses alike.” 

Paula's approach involves providing personalised guidance and support, fostering collaboration with employers, and nurturing strong relationships between apprentices, employers, and training providers. These elements are integral to her role as she continues to shape the landscape of apprentice education in the building and construction industry.