Simon Croft - Circle

Simon Croft  

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, Nelson


Following his father’s footsteps

Born in Darfield and raised in Arthurs Pass, Simon Croft's passion for the construction trade manifested early in his life.  

"I always enjoyed working outdoors," he fondly reminisces.  

"My father, a carpenter wheelwright, introduced me to woodworking projects and the joy of crafting with tools. From there, building quickly became my passion." 

With an impressive 42-year tenure in the building and construction industry, Simon's career speaks volumes about his dedication and expertise. From his apprenticeship at BJ Forbes Builders Ltd to roles as a foreman and carpentry teacher, Simon's journey is rich with diverse experiences and notable achievements. 

As a Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) for Nelson, Simon discovered his true calling in helping apprentices attain their goals and qualify in the trade.  

"I'm deeply passionate about trade training," he emphasises.  

"Builders Academy stands out as the best training organisation I've had the privilege to work with, offering a unique pathway from level 4 to level 7." 

Simon's career highlights underscore his commitment to both commercial construction and education.  

"As a foreman for Fitzgerald Construction, I managed large commercial sites around Nelson and proudly established a Carpentry training program at Nelson College, facilitating pathways and apprenticeships for students.” 

For Simon, being a WAE is about providing unwavering support, encouragement, and advocacy for apprentices.  

"We provide on-site tutorials, evening classes, online support, and a friendly point of contact. It's vital for apprentices to have someone who genuinely cares and will champion their cause." 

Simon's impact on apprentices extends beyond onsite training.  

He recounts a poignant experience supporting a dyslexic apprentice through his literacy challenges. 

"Every Friday for four years, we diligently worked through his learning materials. Despite the obstacles, he completed his apprenticeship and pursued a degree in construction management, attributing his success to my support." 

Simon's journey as a WAE remains focused on leaving a long-lasting legacy in the construction industry.