Trent Seaton

Trent Seaton

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, Hamilton


Inspired by family, fuelled by passion

Raised in Auckland, now residing in North Waikato, Trent Seaton is the dedicated Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) at Builders Academy for the Hamilton and Waikato region. 

Trent’s introduction to the construction industry was inspired by his stepfather, who was a passionate tradie. 

"I had always looked up to my stepfather, Keith Bundock, and the vast people management, craftsmanship and work-life balance his career in building had afforded him," Trent recalls. 

Trent's journey into the construction industry began with an apprenticeship at N.Cole Building, where he worked on notable projects like the extravagant structure of the Auckland Museum. 

Over his 32-year journey in the industry, Trent's fervour for construction and mentorship has only grown, fuelling his enthusiasm for his new role as a WAE. 

Throughout his career, Trent's proudest achievements have been the "against all odds" projects – where he helped apprentices overcome significant challenges to further their careers, such as the inaugural Apprentice of The Year competition. 

"These instances have been immensely rewarding and is the reason I do this.” 

"After nearly 20 years in the industry, I saw a recent erosion in industry voice. In this chapter of my career, I wanted to be part of an organisation that prioritised apprentices' needs." 

“I’m excited to see how what I can achieve alongside the Builders Academy team." 

As a WAE, Trent plays a pivotal role in supporting apprentices in achieving their education and employment goals. 

"We wear many hats. From mentor to promoter, cheerleader to assessor, our role is multifaceted, ensuring that apprentices receive the support they need to succeed." 

A particular memory stands out for Trent – when a young carpentry apprentice was struggling with literacy challenges. 

“Through patience, support, and tailored learning plans, we helped the apprentice build his self-esteem and feel comfortable to ask for help when he was struggling.” 

"It was so rewarding to see him graduate. His success made a real difference, not only in his life, but also for his growing family."