Zoe Hutchienson

Zoe Hutchieson 

Workplace Apprenticeship Educator, New Plymouth


A career defined by her love for helping people

Zoe Hutchieson, residing in Spotswood, serves as the dedicated Workplace Apprenticeship Educator (WAE) for New Plymouth at Builders Academy.  

Her journey into the realm of construction and apprenticeship education began with the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. Witnessing the rebuilding efforts firsthand, Zoe's desire to contribute to the field solidified, recognising its practicality and profound impact on communities. 

With over a decade of industry experience, she has lent her expertise to esteemed construction companies like Clelands Construction, ICL Construction, Fairweather Building, and Versatile. During this time, she has contributed to major community projects, including the building of much need Kiwi homes and the renovation of local schools.   

She says her people skills, integral to her role as an educator, were honed during her early years teaching overseas.   

"I taught English in Vietnam when I was 19-years-old in a very poor part of the world. This was a great experience that developed myth love for helping people," highlighting the empathy and compassion that define her approach. 

When asked what it’s been like working for Builders Academy so far, Zoe shares: “They are definitely in with the times.”  

“My hope is that we continue to ensure apprenticeships are broken into manageable goals, with learner progress tracked and supported every step of the way.” 

One such instance saw Zoe mentor an apprentice as they recovered from a critical injury. 

"I had an apprentice who needed to be on ACC for 6 months. He was so worried he would not be able to progress with his apprenticeship.”  

“Through regular theory sessions and personalised guidance, I thankfully was able to empower the apprentice to return to work with enhanced knowledge, successfully completing all theory requirements.” 

In essence, Zoe exemplifies excellence as a WAE, blending her industry acumen and empathy to nurture the next generation of skilled tradespeople.