Chris Uy 2

Chris Uy

Apprentice, Auckland


Apprentice from Asia says a positive attitude gets you a long way 

From the onset, Chris Uy embarked on this path with an eagerness to learn. 

"Entering this apprenticeship was a pivotal moment for me," Chris reflects. 

"I knew I had to seize the opportunity to learn and grow in the construction field." 

Chris's proactive nature and strong initiative quickly caught the attention of his workplace apprentice educators. 

Despite being an older apprentice, his enthusiasm and commitment set him apart.

"I believe in taking on challenges head-on. That's how you truly grow and excel." 

Throughout his apprenticeship, Chris faced numerous responsibilities, including preparing for the arrival of his child. 

Despite these personal demands, he remained resolutely focused on his professional development.

"Balancing work and my personal life wasn’t easy. But I knew this apprenticeship was a stepping stone towards a better future for my family."

"Chris's commitment to his studies is commendable,” says Blair Hendron, Chris’s workplace apprentice educator.

"His meticulous preparation for each visit demonstrates his unwavering determination."

The transition to a shorter visit timeframe posed a unique challenge for Chris, but he embraced it wholeheartedly. 

"Change is inevitable. I saw it as an opportunity to accelerate my learning and progress towards qualification." 

Chris's positive attitude and relentless determination were evident throughout his apprenticeship. 

"I believe in continuous growth. Adapting to new challenges is part of the journey." 

As Chris nears the completion of his apprenticeship, he stands ready to embark on the next phase of his career journey. 

"I'm grateful for the unwavering support from my mentors. Their guidance has been invaluable in shaping me into the skilled tradesperson I am today." 

With his eyes set on the future, Chris is poised to make his mark in the construction industry: "This is just the beginning. I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way." 

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